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Modix’s users come from various areas and work backgrounds with diverse 3D printing needs. They have taken advantage of the printer’s multi-use printing capabilities for numerous, unique projects. Our customers include those working in the automotive industry, the film industry, aviation, composite materials, artistry, and so much more! We asked these valued customers to provide us with feedback and useful information based on their experiences using our printers.

Car Body Parts - USA

Illumaesthetic is a leading developer and service provider in the automotive after-market industry located in California, USA.  Illumaesthetic develops and manufactures some of the most unique and innovative parts in the aftermarket cosmetic market and they have multiple Modix’s 3D printers to fulfill their design and service needs. Here are a few of their amazing projects, mainly printed with Modix BIG-180X.
Check their other great work on their social media platforms such as Instagram or on thier website.

3D printed wing

Car restoration

In this video you can see the combined use of 3D scanner and Modix’ 3D printer in order to reproduce a rare part required to restore this car.

Making your own bumper design

Mass Customization Production: Metralabs - Mobile Robots Developer - Germany

Alexander Kloska, Mechanical Engineer and Metralabs:
“The print quality is improving with every print. We finished a robot for a new project last week. All the housing parts were printed with your printer. The parts were grinded, filled and painted afterwards. Also, our boss is thinking about buying a second printer, which is good.”
“For our prototypes and small productions we normally use the 1mm nozzle and the 0.6 layer size. We usually use white PLA filament and each enclosure part takes approximately 20 hours to print.”

Feeding Bowl Production - Dr. Mikkel Wagner, Sim Automation - Germany

SIM Automation GmbH is a leading automation company from Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany.
Sim Automation has purchased a Modix Big60 3D printer in order to expedite the development of their specially designed large feeding bowls. These bowls oscillate in a special way that helps the components to climb along their grooves and feed the assembly robots in a very specific order, angle and speed. These feeding bowl prototypes are printed and then tested in a development system. Final production parts are sometimes printed with medical certified ABS filament.

Advanced Modeling - USA

For over two years Mr. Frank Chase is using Modix BIG-60 v3 in order to make it wonderful mechanical educational models.

Advertising: Point of Sale - USA

The advertising market is an avid user of the Modix’s Large 3D printers, mainly for marketing purposes. In this print demonstration, Mr. Craig Tharpe from the USA shows the capabilities of the Big-120X when printing large, impressive models.

Prototyping: GoodYear - Off Road Tires - USA

Titan International, the owner of both Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands, offers a full line of wheels, tires and undercarriage products for a wide variety of off-the-road vehicles. “The printer has been doing well.  We have at least 72+ days of print time on our machine and it’s still doing great. We’ve printed with PLA 100% of the time and only yesterday successfully printed a grommet for the factory using some flexible TPU filament.”
Zach Pope, Tire Design Engineer, Titan International, Inc.

Sculpting: Mr. Patrick Laroche & Mougammandou Rafi- France

Mr. Patrick Laroche is a famous sculptor using Modix 3D printer for scaling up or down is hand-work. 3D printing allows Sculptors to commercialize their work easily and faster. Rafi is a professional painter and 3D printing post processing expert service provider
from the north of Paris, France.

EV Parts, UK

EVParts UK is an engineering technology company with experience in the rechargeable energy storage sector since 2004. EV Parts offers a full range of solutions from a complete turn key Li-ion battery system, to a supply  battery management system.

“We’ve now gotten to grips with the new Modix Big-60 printer and are using it almost every day. Prints we’ve done so far:  A cell enclosure for 18650 cells, which will form part of a go-kart battery module  and circulation fan for our environmental chamber” (image below)

Film Industry: Special Effect Artist - Ireland

Shawn Hicks, owner of Modix BIG-60 V1:
“This is the finished print of a cannon for an upcoming production. It’s 5’2″ in length, made up of 12 pieces. Everything fits nicely. It took 108 total print hours (the printer ran day and night). I used Formfab recycled PLA for most of the print. I used a 0.8 ruby nozzle and a 0.4 layer height on detailed parts with a 0.44 layer height on long tube sections.  The temperature was at 225oC and speed was always on fast. The 2.5 kg rolls were a great success. I was getting approximately 30hr of print time between roll changes.” The video on the right shows the printed canon shooting pyrotechnics.

Hobby: Johann van der Merwe - South Africa

John is an information technology expert and 3D printing enthusiast with amazing modeling results.

“I am really happy I made the right choice in investing in your printer, and the support I have received so far is really the best I ever received in any industry.”
Thank you,
May, 2018

Automation: Björn Magnussen, TTICI CEO, Germany

TTICI is an automaton consulting specialist from Germany.

Mr. Bjorn: “One of the major benefits for us is the modular design of Modix Big60 3D printer. This allows us to tailor specific solutions to our customers”

Metal Cast: Efes Bronze - Turkey

Efes Bronze is a leader in the bronze sculpting artistry with pieces in many countries around the world. Efes is utilizing the large print volume of Modix big60 in order to create large models  to later be used for casting  with the lost-wax technique. The process is as follows:
1. Print the models in parts and glue them together.
2. Create a negative silicon mold.
3. Cast wax inside the silicon.
4. Smooth and add details to the wax.
5. Cover it all with plaster and cast bronze metal inside.

Serdar Eraol, owner of Efes Bronze: “We print with PLA and use PrintinZ bed sticker instead of PEI. The bed temperature is 55oC. The print layer is 0.3mm at the base, 0.2mm for the body parts and 0.1mm for the face. We use the 0.4mm nozzle and 7-8% infill. After 100-150 layers, we change the infill to 2-3% only. Some parts are 3 perimeters and some just 2″ 

Composite Fabrication: TCB Composite , Utah USA

Several of our customers are using Modix Big 60 to print molds for composite materials, such as carbon fiber. In this example, the printed parts were being used as a jig for precise drilling of a carbon fiber part. Mr. Neal Crookston, Production Supervisor: “The fixtures in the carbon fiber part allows us to fixate it so that we can always accurately drill holes. It took about 60 hours each at 80 mm/s, PLA. The solid one is about 2.5 lbs. of plastic, the one with holes about a pound less.”

Jig & tooling manufacturing: A+A Schoenmakers- Shoemaking Tools- Netherlands

Corne Schoenmakers –  We use the 3d printer to print shoe last with 10mm width walls. We also print large and small prototypes and various jigs for our machines. 

Product Development: JVS 3D - Netherlands

Jaap Vis: “The printer already running for days and days 24/7. So far without any problem”. “We have made our own acrylic enclosure covering the entire machine. In the picture, side parts of a casing, print time 4 days in total, 2.5kg filament.

3D Printing Service: F3DP - Holešov, Czech Republic

Mr. Zdeněk Horák:
This is engine cover (two Wheeler). Printing profile: PLA, filament, speed 80mm/s, layer 0,35mm. Total print time is 38hours.
Print quality is very good due to the speed and layering.

Cast steel: Canadian Manufacturer

Made of two parts. Total  44″ long (” = inches) 1117mm. Maximizing the total Modix Bi60 large 3D printer build bed.

Prosthetic Cover by Pedro , Portugal

“The printer is pretty much awesome all around. The automatic bed leveling works like a charm!…The instructions are pretty good .”

Specs: PLA filament, 32 hours print per leg.

Duplicating a statue by using a cell phone and Modix BIG-60

in This video it was demonstrated on how you could make a backup or copy of existing full size commercial sculpture.

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