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How to order

Customers may order Modix printer in one of the following options:

1. Credit card.
Please select one of the printers below, choose the desired components and later select “Credit Card” in the checkout page as your preferred payment method.

Make sure that your credit card limits are suitable for the size of the order. In case you receive an error stating your purchase is being refused, you are kindly advised to call your bank or credit card company and later try placing your order again.

2. Wired bank transfer.
During the checkout phase, please select “Wired bank transfer”. Once completing the order, you will receive our bank account
details and the additional required information for completing the transaction.

3. Quote
For governmental, educational and others that might require an official quotation prior to ordering, please fill the form “Request for Quotation” at the bottom of this page.

Should you require our assistance, please contact sales team by email: at anytime.

Terms and guidelines

Thank you for considering Modix 3D Printers!
Please contact us if you have any questions in order to receive professional advice from one of our trusted team members. Even if our printers are not the right fit for you, we will still ensure to set you in the right direction with expert advice when it comes to 3D printing.

First time 3D printer owners
We strongly recommend first -time users to initially buy a small desktop printer. This will give time for the user to familiarize themselves with 3D printing which will make the transition to our printers smooth and easy. 

Self assembly Kit
The shipment packing contain the required components for assembling the printer by the end user. Building and using the printer is potentially very dangerous as it involves electricity and high temperatures. Self assembly require a certain amount of mechanical experience, common sense and the ability to follow the guidelines step by step.  We have provided safety instructions as part of the assembly guide.

Lead time
In case the desired product is not in stock, we do our best to keep lead within a few weeks.

Shipping cost does not include local duties and import fees.

Shipping & Clearance
We send our printers with DHL or Fedex. From time to time, customers are requested to provide information and communicate with either DHL or Fedex in order to help them complete the Clearance fast and smoothly.

EU customers – Kindly provide us with a valid EU VAT number or we will have to charge you additional 21% on top of your order.

Any more questions?
Please fill the form on the left and we will get back to you shortly.

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