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Generation 4

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Modix BIG-120X printer was first introduced in late 2018. Similar to BIG-60, it has all the latest components of generation 4 and enjoy the same level of modular offering to better match your needs and budget.
Here are a few unique specifications:

  • Delivery: self assembly kit
  • Print volume: 1,200 X 600 X 640 mm (XYZ).
  • Machine Size (WxDxH): 1,556×1,060×1,506 mm
  • Shipping Weight: ~170 KG (depend on add-on selection)
  • Enclosure: Optional
  • IDEX – Secondary print head: optional
  • Z Axis Guides: Smooth rods, Hiwin rails – optional
  • Additional add-ons available below.
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support. Warranty does not include degradable (PEI sheet and nozzles) and consumables. Warranty can be extended up to two additional years, please select the desired extension below.
  • Shipping cost is a regional flat fee that should be selected at the bottom of this product page after you select the required components.
  • Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee. Please contact sales for more information:
Check Tech-specs page for in-depth technical details.

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Modix BIG-120X


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BIG-120X Generation 4 3D printer. Includes single print head only.

Enclosure Add-on

The enclosure helps to improve the printer stability providing higher quality print results. It is also captures the bed heater generated heat and helps to reduce wrapping and cracks due to uneven part cooling.
* The large spool shelf shown in the image is a separate add-on.

Griffin Ultra​

Pre-order now: Our high-flow hotend doubles extrusion length, achieving 500g/hr speeds.

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Griffin High-Flow

Print large objects faster with the Modix Griffin High-Flow hotend.

Including: Griffin HF Heat-block, 80W heater, PT-1000 Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.

Spare Griffin Hotend

Spare Griffin Hotend set.
Including: Slice eng. bi-metal Heatbreak, Modix Griffin Heat Block, 0.4 mm Nozzle, 50W Heater and PT-1000 thermistor and a silicon sock.

IDEX Dual Print-head​

Print with a dedicated support material to easily print intricate models and reduce post-processing time.  It can also be used as an automatic filament changer.

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IDEX Calibration Tool

Pre-order now: Achieve precision like never before with our hands-free calibration tool ensures optimal nozzle alignment.

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Soluble solution – 1000g

Specifically formulated to dissolve prints created with our Soluble Filament.
Submerge your 3D prints in water combined with this solution for a clean and efficient dissolution process.

Soluble filament – 500g

Print with this soluble filament  to create intricate designs and supports for your 3D prints. After printing, use water + the soluble  solution to dissolve it.

* Soluble Solution is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Filament Dryer


Please Select A Configuration!

Pre-order now: spacious dryer fits two 5kg spools or one 8kg spool, with added storage.

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Griffin Brass Nozzles

Griffin brass nozzles pack with 5 nozzles (0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2 mm).
A range of nozzle sizes for high-flow, fast printing. 

0.4/0.6/0.8 already comes as default with the printer

Griffin Hardened Steel Nozzles Pack

The Griffin Hardened Steel Nozzles pack includes three nozzles (0.4/0.6/0.8mm) designed for printing abrasive materials such as carbon fiber-filled, glass fiber-filled, wood, and glitter without degradation. These nozzles are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450°C

Magnetic Bed

Enjoy easy part removal.
One side is coated with PEI, providing a rough bottom surface and the other side is applied with a PEI sheet for a glossy bottom surface. Order 2 pcs in order to cover.

* size 660*660 mm
* 120X requires 2 items

Extra PEI Sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm. Order 2 pcs in order to cover.

Not required if you purchase the magnetic bed.

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).


The casters add-on will allow you to move the printer around with ease. The casters have adjustable leveling feet to easily adjust the balance of your printer and reduce vibrations.

Tilt Screen

A combo set of a tilt screen & a large emergency button and a frontal power switch.

8KG Spool Shelf

The default spool mounting can carry up to 3KG spools only.
This spools shelf add-on can carry up to 8kg. Spool rolls rest on bearing rollers helping the extruders to easily pull.

Power Distribution

Better arrange all AC cables goes into the machine (bed heater, electronic box, noise reduction) into one integrated high-power power distribution unit (PDU)

Z Axis Hiwin Rails

Upgrade the default Z axis smooth rods with high precision HIWIN linear rails. Tall models will enjoy smoother surface finish.

Professional Services

Let us help you with optimizing design, slicing settings & material selection, and move swiftly from concept to successful completion. 

Included: a bank of 3 hours for video calls

Extended Warranty

Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.

For two years, please add this item twice.

Maintenance Kit

Essential components for the print head and motion system. Keep your printers running smoothly.

*Contact us for ETA

Advanced Maintenance Kit

Inside the kit, you’ll find a range of spare parts including belts, pulleys, screws, bearings, motors, printhead parts, and fasteners These components are specifically designed to fit Modix printers V4.

Filter Spares Set

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

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Modix BIG-120X Visual Tour

Modix BIG-120X

Open top lid

Modix BIG-120X IDEX configuration

Installed with the 8KG spool shelf

Easy User Interface  – 7 inch touchscreen & web-access (WiFi) interface

IDEX Dual print head

Modix BIG-120X Videos

Large object printing with Modix BIG-120X

Review for Modix BIG-120X

Prototyping & product development with BIG-120X

Printing with dual print head

Printing ABS

Printing Long items

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