Filament Dryer

Large Spools Filament Dryer

The Modix Filament Dryer is engineered for precision and efficiency, targeting professional 3D printers users requiring optimal filament conditions. This device is a technical breakthrough in managing and drying large filament spools, ensuring superior print quality and user friendly material handling.

Compatibility with all 3D printers

Modix filament dryer is compatible with all Modix and non-Modix 3D printers.  It is an independent device and designed for the benefits of all 3D printing professionals who use large spools of 5KG and 8KG.

How it works:

The Modix filament dryer maintains filament quality by avoiding heat-based drying methods. Instead, it operates in two key stages: adsorption and exhaust. During the adsorption stage, internal valve doors open, allowing moisture to be naturally absorbed into multi-porous molecular sieves without consuming power, with operational indicators remaining off. In the exhaust stage, internal valves seal while external vents open to expel the absorbed moisture, and the operational indicators turn on. This efficient process ensures continuous moisture control even during power interruptions.

 Filament Dryer Features:
  • Large Spool Compatibility: Supports two 5KG spools or one 8KG spool for high-volume printing without frequent changes.
  • Optimized for Hygroscopic Filaments: Dries sensitive materials like Nylon, PETG, PC, and water-soluble supports, ensuring high success rates.
  • Automatic Operation: Fully automatic, requiring no manual maintenance; just place the spool, close the door, and let it manage the rest.
  • Power Efficient: Utilizes a two-stage process to absorb and expel moisture, maintaining filament quality even during power outages.

Benefits of the Modix Filament Dryer:

  • Integrated Dry Storage: Additional storage space at the bottom serves as dry storage for smaller spools, keeping all materials in optimal condition for immediate use.

  • Filament Dry Box: Beyond drying while printing, this device functions as an effective filament dry box, preserving filament quality over time by protecting it from environmental moisture.

  • 3D Printer Filament Dryer: As a specialized 3D printer filament dryer, it addresses the critical need for consistent filament quality, directly influencing print success and material reliability.


  • Dimensions: 400 x 430 x 835 mm
  • Weight: 16.5 kg

The Modix Filament Dryer is tailored for those who prioritize efficiency, material quality, and the convenience of handling large spools in their 3D printing operations. It stands out for its automated features, capacity for large spools, and effectiveness with hygroscopic materials, making it an essential addition to any serious 3D printing setup.

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  • Availability: August 2024  
  • Price: $1,500 USD
Everest/Meter/180X customers, you can connect the Dryer to your PDU (230V connection)

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