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Dual Print-head


Please Select A Configuration!

Print with support materials to better print models with complex or internal geometries.
Don’t let the printer sit idle, use IDEX as an automatic filament changer in a case of a filament run-out.
Learn more about IDEX

Griffin Print-Head

The Griffin print-head consists of a custom extruder made by Bondtech (based on the BMG model) and of a new hotend designed by Modix.

Z Axis Hiwin Rails

Upgrade the smooth rods with high-precision HIWIN linear rails. These rails firmly mount the print bed platform to the printer chassis, resulting in higher dimensional accuracy and smoother prints.

*For BIG60 & BIG120X only

Spools Shelf

Optional shelf add-on for large spools of up to 8kg.

Tilt Screen

A combo set of a tilt screen & large emergency button and a frontal power switch.

Super Volcano To Griffin Adapter

This option is for customers who already own Super Volcano and Griffin print head. Included: mounting brackets only.

Not including the Griffin extruder (Bondtech BMG) and NOT including the super volcano components.

Griffin High-Flow

Print large objects faster with the Modix Griffin High-Flow hotend.

Including: Griffin HF Heat-block, 80W heater, PT-1000 Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.

PT-1000 Sensor

Upgrades your hotend temperature to 500°C max, and is more accurate as well. The add-on kit contains the sensor and the required electronic adapter. If you intend to print anywhere close to 270c and beyond you should consider this upgrade.
* Starting July/22 PT-1000 is included by default with all printer models.

Volcano Brass Nozzles

Volcano brass nozzles pack with 5 nozzles (0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2 mm).
A range of nozzle sizes for high-flow, fast printing. 

*Compatible only with Griffin/Volcano Heat-block

Nozzle-X Pack

Volcano Nozzle-X pack with 3 nozzles (0.4/0.6/0.8mm).
The hardened steel, nickel-plated with a non-stick coating nozzle allows printing abrasive materials (carbon fiber-filled, glass fiber-filled, wood, glitter…) without degrading, and is rated to a maximum temperature of 500°C.

*Compatible only with Griffin/Volcano Heat-block

Spare Hotend

Spare Griffin Hotend set.
Including: Slice eng. Heatbreak, Heat Block, Nozzle, Heater and thermistor.

Griffin High-
Resolution Hotend

V6 (detailed) hotend allows printing tiny objects with very high accuracy.


The casters add-on will allow you to move the printer around with ease. The casters have adjustable leveling to easily adjust the balance of your printer and reduce vibrations.

Filter Spares

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Extra PEI Sheet

For BIG-Meter Only

Single spare PEI sheet at the size of 1075x255mm covering a third of the BIG-Meter bed plate. 

*Please order 3 pcs in order to cover the entire bed plate.

Extra PEI Sheet

For BIG-60, 120X & 180X

Single spare PEI sheet at the size of 660x660mm.

*Please order 2 pcs if you own BIG-120X or 3 if you own BIG-180X


Magnetic Bed

Enjoy easy part removal.
One side is coated with PEI, providing rough bottom surface and the other side is applied with a PEI sheet for glossy bottom surface. 

* Size 660*660 mm
* 180X requires 3 items
* 120X requires 2 items

Basic Maintenance Kit V4

Essential components for the print head and motion system. Keep your printers running smoothly.
Parts list

*Contact us for ETA

Advanced Maintenance Kit

Ensure long-term independent maintenance for your Modix Gen4 printers with our comprehensive maintenance kit. Packed with everything you need, this kit provides all the essential components to keep your printers running smoothly.

Inside the kit, you’ll find a range of spare parts including belts, pulleys, screws, bearings, motors, printhead parts, and fasteners These components are specifically designed to fit Modix printers, ensuring compatibility and seamless replacements when needed. 
Parts list

*Available on backorder

Black PLA filament 3kg

3kg Black PLA spool
Deep, rich black color with a matte finish.

White PLA filament 3kg

3kg White PLA spool
Crisp, clean and elegant white color.

Soluble filament – 500g

Print with this soluble filament to create intricate designs and supports for your 3D prints. After printing, use water + the soluble solution to dissolve it.

* Soluble Solution is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Soluble solution – 1000g

Specifically formulated to dissolve prints created with our Soluble Filament.
Submerge your 3D prints in water combined with this solution for a clean and efficient dissolution process.

Extended Warranty


Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.

Extended Warranty

BIG-120X & BIG-120Z

Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.

Extended Warranty

BIG-Meter & BIG-180X

Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.


* Extended Warranty can only be purchased within the standard warranty period of the product.

* Warranty can be extended to up to 3 years.