New Add-ons 2024

Modix is proud to announce a new set of add-ons.  Each of these add-ons is about to change the way you work with Modix printer and expand your capabilities. These add-ons are introduced in the format of a pre-order campaign. We will collect orders by the end of April and go into production. Please note the estimated delivery time of each product.  Please read below the detailed description of each add-on.

IDEX Calibration Tool

Griffin Ultra

Filament Dryer

Griffin Ultra Print head

Griffin Ultra  is our latest super high-flow hotend, capable of extruding more than 500 grams per hour with 1.75mm filament. With doubled the length of the Griffin High-Flow (four time the standard Griffin) and dual massive cooling fan blowers, it’s a true game-changer. Due to much thicker layers and extrusion width, what once took 12 hours now finishes in just 2 with Griffin Ultra. It is not a low cost add-on, yet it’s a must have for every Modix’s user. 


  • Compatible with both Gen4 & Gen3 Modix BIG printers.
  • Compatible with Gen4 IDEX (and IDEX upgraded Gen3).
  • Due to a higher mounting, the nozzle is at the same height as Griffin
    and therefore there is no reduction in print dimension on the z axis.
  • It reduces X axis at 50mm.
  • Y axis is affected only in IDEX configuration and is reduced at 50mm.
  • Print head weight: 900 grams (including motor, BMG, etc…)
  • Nozzle diameters:1.6mm 
  • It is compatible with the standard Griffin (volcano) nozzles.
  • Layer height range between 0.3-1.2mm
  • Print speed – up to 250mm/sec (with thin layers of 0.3mm)
  • Flow rate: 160mm³/s @1.6mm nozzle with 1.2mm layer height.


ETA – August/2024
Price 1,000 USD

Filament Dryer Device

The active filament dryer is a critical step towards printing with high end filaments. It will allow customers to better print hygroscopic filaments such as water soluble support filaments, Nylon, PETG, PC and others with high level of success.  The device is fully automatic and there is no water tank to empty or desiccant bags replace, just place the spool and close the door.

The dryer has a large print volume and a room for two spools of 5kg or a single spool of 8kg and even some space at the bottom to be used as dry storage for smaller spools.

  • Dimensions:400 x 430 x 835 mm
  • Weight 16.5 kg

ETA – August/2024
Price – 1,500 USD

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Please Select A Configuration!

The Filament Dryer (230V) is compatible with 230V printers or PDU, while the Filament Dryer (110V) is compatible only with 110V printers and not with 2M/Meter/180X

The dryer can sit on the floor next to the printer or on top of the large spool shelf.

Each spool is maintained in its position with 
small adjustable brackets. One set is compatible with large spools and another set is compatible with smaller spools. You can even print your own position brackets and enjoy a stable feeding and reduce failures. 

IDEX Calibration Tool

Achieving precise nozzle alignment is crucial for optimal IDEX printing, i.e. ensuring water-soluble filament do not mix with your main model. We’re excited to unveil a new hands-free calibration tool. It aligns each nozzle by engaging with the calibration tool from three angles, allowing the controller to accurately calculate offsets. This ensures reliable, high-quality multi-material printing every time. It will be offered as an add-on for owners of IDEX and later it will be part of the base IDEX offering.

The sensor is positioned and aligned with the help of the position bracket and attached to the bed with strong magnets so it will sit firmly while the nozzles touch from three directions to measure their offsets. 

ETA – August/2024
Price – 200 USD

The IDEX calibration tool consists of two main parts, the electronic controller which serves also the rest point while not in use and the sensor.

The sensor in its resting. The offsets parameters are stored in the controller. The calibration routine is needed every time you replace a nozzle.

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