Case Study – Illumaesthetic’s Custom 3D Printed Automotive Parts: Classic Cars Restoration

Case Study:

Solving Rare Auto Parts Shortage –  Illumaesthetic


The Company

Illumaesthetic is an industry leading aftermarket cosmetic solutions. Founded by Adam Bao in 2015, has evolved from a college project into a global force in automotive parts production. With a commitment to innovative designs and unwavering customer service, Illumaesthetic operates on a global scale, catering to car enthusiasts worldwide. 

The Challenge - Rare Parts Gatekeeping

 As classic cars age, parts become rare and expensive. This can make it difficult to find replacements that are in good condition, and it can also lead to gatekeeping in the classic car community. Gatekeeping is when people who have been in a community for a long time try to control who is allowed to participate in that community. In the classic car community, this can manifest as people refusing to sell rare parts to newcomers, or as people charging exorbitant prices for those parts.


The Solution - 3D Scan and Print

Modix large 3D printers  can be a valuable tool for restoring old cars and breaking down the barriers of gatekeeping in the classic car community. By 3D printing rare parts, restorers can avoid the high cost of buying them from aftermarket suppliers. They can also create custom parts that are not available anywhere else. This means that anyone, regardless of their experience or status in the community, can have access to the parts they need to restore their classic car. Eventually , by using a large scale Modix 3D printer, restorers can save money and get the parts they need to bring their classic cars back to life.

For example a team of restorers used a Modix 3D printer to print a number of parts for a Nissan S13. These parts included a front bumper and a rear bumper. As you can see, the 3D printed parts were indistinguishable from the original parts, and they saved the restorers a significant amount of money and time searching for such parts.

In another example, an original broken grill was purchased on Ebay, scanned and printed with Modix. Later the broken original part was placed back on the market.

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