Super Volcano to Griffin Adapter and hotend complete set

300.00 $

Add the E3D Super Volcano HotEnd add-on for super fast printing.

To use the super volcano feature on the IDEX dual extruder, it’s required to apply it to both the primary and secondary extruders, or abstain from using it on either of them.


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E3D Super volcano hotend is Modix’s XL high flow offering.  Its doubled melt zone length vs. the standard hotend length, provides a very high flow rate that enables fast printing of large bulky objects.  Recently, Modix has introduced a new print head named Griffin that introduced among other improvements, a firm mounting for the heat block from the bottom side. Now, this attachment is available also for the longer Super Volcano hotend.

Benefits include:

  1. Impact resistant – The bottom mount protects the hotend in a case of an impact such as when the nozzle touches or scratches the bed or the printed model. As the result, the impact forces are absorbed by the mounting and not by the thin heat-break.
  2. Higher print quality – The long and heavy heat-block is now more stable during acceleration and vibrates less during the printing process, resulting in higher print quality.