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Compatible with the BIG-Meter and EVEREST models

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“IDEX” stands for independent dual extruder, where each extruder is capable of moving independently from each other. As a result, while the active extruder is printing, the second extruder is “parked” outside the printing area. Therefore, dual material printing made with IDEX technology comes out cleaner and with higher success ratios in comparison to other configurations as such the two print heads are installed side by side on the same carriage.

IDEX allows the printing of advanced models that have internal geometries by using water-soluble filament. In addition, printing the dense support layers (interface layers between the model and the solid support structure) with a breakaway support filament saves a lot of manual labor for support removal. In addition, since there is no need to keep an air gap between the dense support and the model itself as normally happens when using the same material for support, the supported bottom surface of the models comes out clean and smooth. This saves a lot of time needed usually for sanding during the post process.

The IDEX is sold as an optional add-on for all generation 4 printers. includes:

  • Secondary printing subsystem: Griffin print head, clog detector, PTFE, spool mount.
  • Motion system: secondary Y-axis motor with the required components (belts, pulleys, etc.).
  • Metal brackets for both Y-axis and print heads
  • Wires, drag chains, and optical end-stops.