Griffin Ultra Print head

1,000.00 $



Griffin Ultra  is our latest super high-flow hotend, capable of extruding more than 500 grams per hour with 1.75mm filament. With doubled the length of the Griffin High-Flow (four time the standard Griffin) and dual massive cooling fan blowers, it’s a true game-changer. Due to much thicker layers and extrusion width, what once took 12 hours now finishes in just 2 with Griffin Ultra. It is not a low cost add-on, yet it’s a must have for every Modix’s user.


  • Compatible with both Gen4 & Gen3 Modix BIG printers.
  • Compatible with Gen4 IDEX (and IDEX upgraded Gen3).
  • Due to a higher mounting, the nozzle is at the same height as Griffin
    and therefore there is no reduction in print dimension on the z axis.
  • It reduces X axis at 50mm.
  • Y axis is affected only in IDEX configuration and is reduced at 50mm.
  • Print head weight: 900 grams (including motor, BMG, etc…)
  • Nozzle diameters:1.6mm
  • It is compatible with the standard Griffin (volcano) nozzles.
  • Layer height range between 0.3-1.2mm
  • Print speed – up to 250mm/sec (with thin layers of 0.3mm)
  • Flow rate: 160mm³/s @1.6mm nozzle with 1.2mm layer height.