Filament Dryer (110V)

1,500.00 $

110V printers only (not 2M/Meter/180X compatible)

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The active filament dryer is a critical step toward printing with high-end filaments. It will allow customers to better print hygroscopic filaments such as water-soluble support filaments, Nylon, PETG, PC, and others with a high level of success.  The device is fully automatic and there is no water tank to empty or desiccant bags replace, just place the spool and close the door.

The dryer has a large print volume and room for two spools of 5kg or a single spool of 8kg and even some space at the bottom to be used as dry storage for smaller spools.

  • Dimensions:400 x 430 x 835 mm
  • Weight 16.5 kg

*110V printers only (not 2M/Meter/180X compatible)