Modix BIG-180X – Free shipping to USA & Europe​

Modix BIG-180X – Free shipping to USA & Europe

Generation 4

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Product Description:

Modix BIG-180X printer was first introduced in late 2019. Similar to BIG-60, it has all the latest components of generation 4 and enjoy the same level of modular offering to better match your needs and budget.
For in-depth specifications, please refer to the tech-specs page.  
Here are a few of the BIG-180X unique specifications:

  • Print volume of 1,800 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Printer dimensions: 2,170 x 1,060 x 1,430 mm
  • Shipping weight: 260kg
  • Delivery method: Self assembly kit
  • Print head: single Griffin extruder, 1.75mm filament.
    Dual head (IDEX) optional.
  • Duet3D Wifi 32 bit controller & Duex5 Expansion board
  • 4 X Z axis motors are controlled individually providing automatic bed tilt calibration.
  • 100 probing point for automatic bed leveling
  • Minimal Electricity requirements –  single phase, 208-240V:
    • North America customers: NEMA L6-30P 30A outlet
    • EU/AU/UK customers: IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support. Warranty does not include degradable (PEI sheet and nozzles) and consumables. Warranty can be extended up to two additional years, please select the desired extension below.
  • Shipping cost is a regional flat fee that should be selected at the bottom of this product page after you select the required components.
  • Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee. Please contact sales for more information:

Check Tech-specs page for additional printer specifications

Learn how our customers are making full sized car body parts using Modix BIG-180X.

Improved Generation 4 Offering:

With generation 4, all our printers  are now shipped with the new Griffin print head, clog and crash detectors.
Learn more about what is new in Generation 4

IDEX allows printing of models with internal geometries, provides high quality surface finish while reduces post processing labor.
Learn More

Griffin print head offers high printing quality, impact resist, easy swap and higher printing temperatures than before.
Learn more

Reliability sensors suite that is designed to save print-jobs on time. It can detect filament run-out, under extrusion and clogs.
Learn more

Comprehensive set of automatic calibration tools including: bed tilt calibration, bed leveling, gantry alignment and Z offset calibration.
Learn more

Select BIG-180X Components:

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For additional images of the printer, please check the bottom of this page.

Modix BIG-180X

Including: Dual print head, Z axis rails, enclosure and casters.

Free shipping in USA and Europe is included (not including islands)

IDEX Dual Print-head​

Print with support materials to better print models with complex or internal geometries.
Don’t let the printer sit idle, use IDEX as an automatic filament changer in a case of a filament run-out.
Learn more about IDEX



Magnetic Bed

Enjoy easy part removal.
One side is coated with PEI, providing rough bottom surface and the other side is applied with a PEI sheet for glossy bottom surface. Order 3 pcs in order to cover.

* size 660*660 mm
* 180X requires 3 items

Extra PEI Sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm
Covering the entire bed plate. Not required if you purchase the magnetic bed.

Spare Griffin Hotend

Spare Griffin Hotend set.
Including: Slice eng. bi-metal Heatbreak, Modix Griffin Heat Block, 0.4 mm Nozzle, 50W Heater and PT-1000 thermistor and a silicon sock.

Griffin High Resolution Hotend

V6 (detailed) hotend allows printing tiny objects with very high accuracy.
Including: E3D V6 heat-block, Slice eng. bi-metal Heatbreak, Semitec 104NT thermistor, 40W heater, silicon sock and 0.4 mm nozzle.

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Filter Spares Set

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Extended Warranty

Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a
continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.

Super Volcano

Upgrade to super high flow E3D SuperVolcano including a Griffin adapter.
Including: E3D Super volcano Heat-block, 80W heater, PT-1000 Thermistor & 1mm nozzle.

Tilt Screen

Tilt Screen

A combo set of a tilt screen & large emergency button and a frontal power switch.
Compatible with V4 printers

Spare Parts 180 x

Basic Maintenance Kit

Essential components for the print head and motion system. Keep your printers running smoothly.

Shipping Terms:

* Shipping is made with either Fedex or DHL, based on your location.
* Shipping terms: Incoterms 2020 DAP
* Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee.
* Shipping to islands will require additional fee.
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* Please contact sales for more information

* EU customers – Kindly provide us with a valid EU VAT number or we will have to charge you an additional 21% on top of your order.

Modix 180X 3D printer visual tour

Large print volume to print any of your large models in one part.

Reduce post processing as parts comes out in one piece.

Dual spool mount, each up to 8KG.
The filament is routed via the clog detector capable of detecting also filament run-out and under extrusion.

When you assemble it you get to know your printer very well.

Wide touch screen for all your calibration and hands-on routines. Most of the daily operations are made via the web interface.

IDEX dual print head will allow you to easily remove support using the breakaway support filament.

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