Don’t limit future projects, get a larger printer today!

Modix BIG-60 V4
600x600x660 mm
From 4,900 USD

Modix BIG-120X
1,200x600x640 mm
From 7,500 USD

Modix BIG-180X
1,800x600x600 mm
From 15,500 USD

Modix BIG-Meter
1,010×1,010×1,010 mm
From 13,500 USD

Full Scale Production

Motor cover – casting master
PLA on BIG-60

Custom Body parts
after post processing
PLA on BIG-60

Convertible hardtop
PETG on BIG-120X

Full Size bumpers
ASA on BIG-180X

Lower speakers for harley
ABS on BIG-120X

Premium Components


Print Head

Motion Belts USA

Stepper Drivers Germany

Power Supply

Bed Leveling South Korea

Print Bed USA

Motion Rails Taiwan

Lead Screws Taiwan

Signal Wires Germany

Professional Features

Linear Rails

Hiwin guide rails
for high precision.
Made in Taiwan.

Dual Extruder

E3D Aero Extruder & Volcano hotend
Made in the UK.

Touch Screen

7in touchscreen & web interface for remote monitoring.

32Bit Board

Duet3D controller: 32bit electronics
made in the UK.

Shielded Wires

IGUS signal cables for higher reliability
Made in Germany.

Active Air Filter

Protect your health with Carbon and HEPA filters set.

VIP Support

Video support session are availalbe at reqest.

Future Ready

We support and add features to older versions.

Self Assembly

Get to know your printer in depth. Independent maintenance.

Wide Selection

Enjoy compatibility to multiple nozzles & print head configurations

Open Filament

Use any brand of filament with no limitation.

High Flow

Enjoy the E3D Super Volcano for rapid printing of large objects.

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