Modix Filaments

Modix’s filaments are made with the highest quality raw materials to ensure exceptional quality and reliability in every print.

Currently Modix is selling PLA filament, additional types will be available soon. Modix’s PLA filament is designed for easy printing, high quality and high flow properties. Modix’s PLA filament is a reliable and user-friendly choice for all your prototyping needs.

PLA Line Specs

Colors – White/Black
Diameter Size – 1.75 mm
Spool sizes: – 1kg/3kg/5kg
Nozzle Temperature: 190˚C – 230˚C
Recommended Printing Speed: 50mm/s – 70mm/s
Bed Temperature: 25˚C – 60˚C


  • The filament price per kilogram is 25USD
  • The minimum weight per order is 9KG  (i.e. 3 X 3KG or 2 X 5KG etc)
  • Free shipping if we get to deliver it with your printer, order must be completed 5 business days before we dispatch the printer.
  • Shipping cost for filament only orders in US & Western Europe is 70USD per order

Black PLA

The matte finish adds a smooth, non-reflective touch to your prints, making it ideal for industrial designs or adding sophistication to your projects.

White PLA

Whether you’re looking to create crisp, clean designs or add a touch of elegance to your creations, our White PLA filament is the perfect choice.

5KG Black PLA spool
Deep, rich black color with a matte finish

5KG White PLA spool
Crisp, clean and elegant white color 

Select your spools

Black PLA filament 1kg

Black PLA filament 3kg

Black PLA filament 5kg

White PLA
filament 1kg

White PLA
filament 3kg

White PLA filament 5kg

Soluble filament – 500g

Print with this soluble filament to create intricate designs and supports for your 3D prints. After printing, use water + the soluble solution to dissolve it.

* Soluble Solution is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Soluble solution – 1000g

Specifically formulated to dissolve prints created with our Soluble Filament.
Submerge your 3D prints in water combined with this solution for a clean and efficient dissolution process.

Add shipping costs to the US & Western Europe only

The minimum weight per delivery is 9KG

Free shipping if shipped with a printer locally

Rest of the world’s customers, please contact for a quote.