Case Study – Vital Auto Iinnovates Automotive Design With a Farm of Modix 3D Printers

Case Study

Full scale 100% 3D printed concept cars – Vital Auto 

The Company

The Challenge

Vital faces many challenges within its workflows. One challenge is the need to produce large-scale prototypes within the automotive sector. Another challenge is the need to make high-quality parts that are accurate and durable.


The Solution

To meet these challenges, Vital Auto uses multiple Modix 3D printers of various sizes, including BIG-60, BIG-Meter and BIG-120X of various versions. Modix 3D printers have a large build volume, which allows Vital to print large-scale parts in a single piece. This process eliminates the need for assembly and expedites the workflow, saving clients time and money.

The Modix BIG-60 also produces high-quality parts that are accurate and durable. The Modix BIG-60 is essential for Vital, as their clients expect the highest quality physical properties and prototypes.

Vital has been using Modix for several years. Their large 3D printing farm includes several Modix BIG-60 V2 that are still running, continuing with V3 models and up to the latest Generation 4.0.The company’s Modix fleet was repainted in line with Vital’s corporate color system, incorporating RAL 1023 — Traffic Light Yellow, giving the printers an overall distinctive and impressive look and feel.

The machines are constantly printing parts for their various projects and working around the clock, seven days a week.




Information Box:

The Company:  Vital-Auto


Application:  Prototype and Manufacture 
Vertical: Automotive
Printers: Modix BIG-120, Modix BIG-60