Case Study – The Impact of Large-Scale 3D Printing on Art and Artists

Case Study

The Impact of Large-Scale 3D Printing on Art  – Patrick Laroche 

"A whole new and exciting dimension for the modern artists"

Patrick Laroche is a world renowned artist, sculptor and furniture designer.

Laroche is well known for his famous extremely large sized vegetables, painted in vivid chrome colors and is recognized for his unique ability to turn ordinary daily objects into a magnificent celebration of colors and shapes. He has a deep understanding of traditional sculpting techniques, but he is also always interested in exploring new technologies to combine in his art and designs.


The Challenge

Laroche and his team’s challenge was to produce outstanding and unique designs for various displays, and in parallel, to adapt and embrace 3D technologies andd techniques to become a vital working tool for artists.

Laroche aimed to leverage the potential of modern technologies to amplify his artistic capabilities. His goals included exploring the integration of new techniques, such as digital modeling, 3D scanning, and printing, while maintaining the artistic integrity and handcrafted essence that defined his sculptures. He envisioned a harmonious blend of the ancient and the contemporary.

“3D printing has become a crucial part of our daily routine. We can preserve our handmade artwork for future reference and use it in a digital format. For many years, 2D ‘flat’ artists could preserve and copy their work easily by making photocopies and using other printing techniques. Finally, thanks to 3D scanning and 3D printing, sculptors can enjoy the same benefits of commercialization and archiving”, Mr.Laroche says.

The Solution and Outcome

The studio purchased Modix BIG-60. The workshop has implemented working with the Modix BIG-60. After the objects are scanned or prepared with dedicated 3D printing software, the team uses the printer to execute the models and designs. These can be prototypes, casts for molds or the actual sculptures themselves. Most importantly, the models created can be scanned and then preserved for any future need.

“With Modix, we can explore designs,textures and finishes, Size is not an issue.”, says Laroche.

Information box:

Company:  Patrick Laroche, France


Application: Sculpting, Artistic Elements

Vertical: Art & Design

Printers: Modix BIG-60