The future of spare parts warehousing with EV Parts UK​

Case Study:

The future of spare parts warehousing with EV Parts UK

The Company

EV Parts UK is an Engineering Technology company with experience in the rechargeable energy storage sector since 2004. The company offers a full range of solutions and has a proven track record in a variety of applications including electric motorsports, electric vehicles, grid energy storage systems, leisure vehicles, and marine propulsion. 

The Challenge

Along with many electrochemical systems, such as batteries, come hundreds of mechanical connectors, spacers, fan blades, and other niche parts. To maintain an inventory of so many easily-printable mechanical parts in the age of 3D printing would be nothing short of a waste of money. EV Parts, though, due to the size of some of their batteries, also needed to be able to 3D print relatively large components for their electrical systems, so they needed a 3D printer that was larger than a desktop 3D printer but still for a reasonable price.

The Solution and Outcome

Modix’s high performance, large print volume printer provides the company with an overall 3D printing solution and supports the company’s in-house production of electromechanical components. Now, instead of searching through vast catalogues of OEM parts, they can make custom components in-house for each of their custom energy storage solutions.

More Benefits of Using Modix

Aside from saying goodbye to OEM (at least for highly-diversified inventories), EV Parts can largely say goodbye to custom 3D part manufacturers, too. Having a Modix 3D printer means that EVParts can create large housings and bespoke parts from CAD-to-table, without having to use a 3D printing or manufacturing service at all. The size advantage of Modix alone is highly valuable for a company offering bespoke solutions; EV Parts was able to use the Big 60 to 3D print a Go-Kart battery enclosure for 18650 battery cells!

The Social Impact
Electricity storage is an incredibly valuable technology that has burgeoned in recent years with the advent of mass-produced electric automobiles and a desire to wean off of fossil fuels. Modix is happy to be able to provide the tools for the development of new electricity storage technologies, in an ultimate effort to make the world a more energy-efficient and capable place.

We’ve now gotten to grips with the new Modix Big-60 printer and are using it almost every day.
Prints we’ve done so far: A cell enclosure for 18650 cells, which will form part of a go-kart battery module and circulation fan for our environmental chamber...and more to come!
Brad Bunyard
EV Parts, UK