About us

Modix is a Tel-Aviv based, global developer of large scale 3D printers.
By offering massive build volumes, premium components, and high quality printing, Modix is broadening access to full scale 3D printing for product developers and industrial workshops worldwide.


Contact Details

Email: info@Modix3d.com
Phone: +972-584-486-725
(English speaking)

Office hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00-18:00 GMT+2
Address: Tuval 15, Ramat Gan, Israel Zip 5252230


Modix’s printers on the go

Modix’s CEO next to BIG-180X Gen4

Modix’s team at Formnext Tradeshow 2022


Modix was founded in 2014 by Mr. Shachar Gafni in Tel Aviv. Below is the image of the first generation of Modix’s 3D printer named AGAM.

In 2016, Modix has made a transition to focus on large scale 3D printers and grew to become a global leader in this vertical technology field.

Modix continues to innovate and redesign its 3D printers to revolutionize the world of large scale 3D printing and provide a growing value to its customers.

Product Design Roadmap

Modix Agam Desktop 3D printer – 2015 version

2017 – Big60 V1

2018 – BIG-60 V2

2020 -BIG-60 V3

2022 -BIG-60 V4


2015-  3DP Conf. Israel

2016-  TCT Show UK

2018-  TCT Show UK
Presenting Generation 2

2019-  Formnext Germany
Presenting Generation 3

2022-  Formnext Germany
Presenting Generation 4

Big60 Version 1 assembly process 2017.

Big-60 V2 & 120X demonstration at the TCT show, UK. 2018