Tech Spec

General Information

  • Printing Technology – FFF (Filament Filament Fabrication)
  • Number of print heads – single or dual (optional)
  • Print space 610 X 610 X 610 mm – 24 cubic inch.
  • Shipment Style – Self assembly kit.

Machine Size

  • Machine Size: Width  900 mm | Depth  950mm |  Height 975 mm.
  • Please consider 1.2^3 meter of room space
  • The printer is wider than most doors, consider assembly location wisely.


  • Solid 40X40 T-slot aluminum profiles
  • Powder coated laser cut aluminum brackets and joints
  • Closed enclosure made of acrylic

Print Head

E3D V6 hotend (standard heat block), big60 has the newer thermisitor cartridge.


  • E3D V6 Hotend in the high flow Volcano configuration. Volcano Review
  • Large nozzle selection: The kit is shipped with 0.4, 0.6 & 0.8 mm brass nozzles for the single print head and the second print head arrives with additional 0.4 mm nozzle.
  • Additional nozzles could be purchased directly from E3d online shop  Sizes are for volcano: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8. 1.0 & 1.2 mm.
  • Our modualr print head design allows you to install the standard v6 Heating block and enjoy nozzles with nozzles smaller than 0.4mm including 0.15,0.25, 0.3 & 0.3 5mm.
  • Hotend Heater cartridge is  24V 40W for fast heating and high flow printing.


  • E3D Titan extruder for both primary and secondary extruder.
  • Primary extruder is installed in a direct drive mode (motor is right about the hotend) for accuracy and comparability with flexible filament printing.
  • Secondary print head is in Bowden configuration. In this mode the motor is remotely pushing filament from outside the printer via a PTFE tube. Seondary extruder is used mainly for support material and therefore we have placed it on the printer frame, a way to reduce the print head weight.
  • Default Filament diameter 1.75 mm as default for both extruders. There is an optional to convert both the extruder and the hotend to 2.85 mm diameter but it is recommended to use 1.75 for several reasons: it is more flexible and has better surface to core plastic ratio and therefore it is being melted faster.

Motion System

  • Stainless steel linear guides with ball bearing blocks.
  • 3x 12 mm width and 4mm pitch Ball Screws for Z axis 
  • 4x 12mm smooth rods and nickel coated linear ball bearing for smooth walls and z axis printing accuracy.
  • 10mm width PU (Polyurethane) timing belt with steel cores. Belt is designed for high speed and acceleration.
  • Z axis motors (print bed): 3 X Nema 17 motors. Each motor is 40 mm length,  holding torque: 62 Oz/in / 4.4 Kg/cm.
  • Z axis gear ratio is 1:2.5
  • X & Y axis motors:  Nema 17, Length 60mm, holding torque 116 Oz/in, 8.2 kg/cm.
  • X axis is geared in 1:2.5 ratio
  • Position accuracy: X 5 Micron, Y 10 Micron,  Z 0.5 Micron.
  • Print speed – Normal 60-80 mm/2, Draft 150-180 mm/sec

Print Bed

  • Made in USA, Alcoa Mic6 cast aluminum plate with high level of flatness.
  • AC powered bed heater 1600Watt with two heating zones. Central heater is 200X200mm size for saving energy when printing small objects.
  • Max temperature – 110V
  • Ultem® PEI adhesive (3M) sheet at the size of 660X620 mm. This is the best bed surface cover. Prints will stick well and will not wrap. Release objects easily when cooled down.


  • Open source Marlin firmware. The leading firmware for 3D printing allowing numerous of configurations and the widest comparability to both software and hardware.
  • Firmware is installed on an Arduino based controller from Makerbase, MKS Gen 1.4.
  • You can choose from any available slicer and 3d printer controller including: Slic3r, Cura, Printerface and Simplified3d. We provide printer profiles.


  • Stand alone operation: USB Disk  , SD Card
  • Touch Screen controller
  • Remote control with wifi – Optional
  • Could be use directly from a computer:


  • Main Power Supply – Meanwell PS 24V 280W
  • Heat Bed with dedicated mains :110V- 230V depend on your region.



Our printing head support almost any existing filament including : PLA, ABS, PLA composites (Carbon fiber, Wood, Copper, Brass, Magnetic ), PHA, PVA , Hips, Nylon, TPE & TPU (FleX) Co-Polyester, PETG…

Open Filament  – you can use any filament from any source. FYI, Low quality filament may lead to clogged hotend.

Important note! Although Modix Big 3D printer can print many types of plastics,  please do your best to minimize the use of non bio-degradable  plastics. Be responsible for the waste you produce.

Filament Run-Out Sensor

The filament run-out detection sensor is a small switch. In case the spool ended during a print job, the switch is turned on and execute the print job pausing procedure. This will allow you to feed a new spool of filament and resume the print.

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