Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Allow yourself a minimal downtime in a case of a failure or mistake.

Current lead time for these items is late May/22. Please note the following terms:

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Essential Spare Parts

These components will allow a quick independent maintenance and minimizing down time.

Nozzles Pack

Brass nozzles pack with 5 nozzles (0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0.& 1.2 mm).
A range of nozzles for both high details and high speed printing.

Volcano Nozzle-X

3pc Nozzle-X sizes: 0.4, 0.6 & 0.8mm. Hardened steel, nickel-plated & non-stick coating, allows printing filament filled with abrasive materials (carbon fiber, glass fiber, wood etc …)

BL Touch Probe

BL Touch sensor including a custom cable connector and 3 extra pins. In case a pin broke or got bent, replace only it instead of a complete sensor unit.

Silicone Socks

Griffin silicone sock – 3 units. Fits perfectly on the Griffin heat block and keeps the temperature stable.
* Not compatible with E3D Aero.

Part Cooling Fan

Spare part-cooling (blower) fan – 5015, 24V. Compatible with Both E3D Aero & Modix Griffin.

Hotend Fan

Spare hotend 40x40mm fan – , 24V. Compatible with Both E3D Aero & Modix Griffin.

Fuse Pack

Including: 4pc X Duet controller 3A fuse, 4pc X Duet Controller 7.5A fuse & 4pc X fuse for the print bed heater controller. Compatible with all printer models.

Hiwin Rail Blocks

2pc X Rail blocks for HIWIN MGW linear rails. Compatible with all 3 axis (X, Y & Z)

Fasteners Spares

Fasteners pack for V3 printers. Useful for maintenance, upgrades and custom modifications.
Check the packing list for details.

Motion Spares Pack

Motion system spare pack for V3 printers. Spare belts, bearings, pulleys and idlers from the V3 self-assembly kit.

Gantry Motor

Motion system Nema17 60mm stepper motor with custom shaft. Required for X, Y and Z axis on all V3 printer models.

Extruder Motor

Extruder Nema17 40mm stepper motor with custom shaft

Extra PEI sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm.
Compatible with BIG-60, BIG-120X (Buy 2PC) & BIG-180X (Buy 3PC)

BIG-Meter PEI sheet

Single spare PEI sheet at size of 1075x355mm covering a THIRD  of the BIG-Meter bed plate.
Buy 3PC for the entire bed.

BIG-40 PEI sheet

Spare PEI sheet at size of 465×465 mm. Compatible with BIG-40 print bed size.

Spare Filters

Spare filters for the air filter device. Includes: 5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo.


Duet Controller

Duet2 WiFi 32-bit controller board with external antenna.

Duex5 Expansion

Duex5 board – expansion board for the automatic bed tilt calibration upgrade (Default with BIG-Meter & BIG-180X).

Touch Screen

PanleDue 7″ touchscreen for Duet controller.

Power Supply

Mean Well 280W Power Supply (230/110V) with a custom 4-pin connector for the Modix’s printers electronic box.

IGUS Cables Set

BIG-60-V3 Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set
for BIG-60 V3 default configuration (without the expansion board).

BIG-40 Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set for BIG-40 V3 default configuration (without the expansion board).

BIG-120X Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set for BIG-120X V3 default configuration (without the expansion board).

BIG-120Z Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set for BIG-120Z V3 default configuration (without the expansion board).

BIG-180X Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set for BIG-180X V3

BIG-Meter Full Cable Pack

Complete cable set for BIG-Meter V3

Spare Fasteners Packing List

NAME Quantity
M2.5 x 12mm (Length) 10
M3 x6 20
M3 x 8 20
M3 x 10 20
M3 x 20 10
M3 x 45 10
M3 x 6 Conic 20
M3 x 8 Conic 20
M3 x 12 Conic 20
M3 x 10 Button 20
M3 x 12 Flange 8
M4 x 10 10
M4 x 12 10
M4 x 16 10
M4 X 25 10
M4 x 8 Conic 10
M5 x 8mm (Length) 30pc
M5 x 10mm 30pc
M5 x 12mm 30pc
M6 x 12mm 10pc
M8 X 12mm 10pc
M8 X 16mm 10pc
M8 X 25mm THREADLOCK 30pc
M5 x 8mm Low Profile 30pc
M5 x 12mm Low Profile 30pc
M5 x 15mm Low Profile 15pc
2020-M5 T nut 50pc
4040-M5 T nut 50pc
4040-M6 T nut 10pc
4040-M8 T nut 10pc
2020-M3 Hammer Head 50pc
4040-M3 Hammer Head 50pc
M2.5 nut 10pc
M4 nut 10pc
M5 nut 10pc
M5 nyloc nut 10pc
L-Joints for 2020 profiles 10pc
M3 spring shim 20pc
4040 Fastener Joint M8 30pc

Motion System Spare Parts Packing List

ITEM (Quantity)

KFL08 Pillow Bearing Flange (4)
LMKL12UU (4) – Flange linear bearing
SHF12 (4) – Smooth rod mounting
GT2 Pulley W10 T40 B8 (4)
GT2 Pulley W10 T16 B5 (4)
GT2 Idler W10 T20 B5 (4)
GT2 Black Belt 5 Meter (2)
GT2 Belt Closed Loop 200mm (4)
M5 plastic spacer (6) – for X & Y axis idler