Case Study – Illumaesthetic’s Custom Car Body Parts & Kits Made Possible with Modix Large 3D Printers

Case Study:

 Custom Car Body Parts – Illumaesthetic


The Company

Illumaesthetic, founded by Adam in 2015, has evolved from a college project into a global force in automotive parts production. With a commitment to innovative designs and unwavering customer service, Illumaesthetic operates on a global scale, catering to car enthusiasts worldwide. 

The Challenge


Illumaesthetic was facing the challenge of finding custom car parts that met their customers’ unique needs and own vision. They wanted to be able to create a unique and personalized look for their customers, but they didn’t want to spend a fortune or make their customers spend a fortune.


The Solution

The company decided to use Modix 3D printing to create their products, which allowed them to produce them quickly and affordably. They were able to print a wide variety of custom and special designs of car parts, including bumpers, spoilers, intakes, and more.

Today Illumaesthetic owns five different Modix large 3D printers ranging from BIG-60 all the way up to BIG-180X. Their fleet of printers is constantly producing parts for their clients as well as for internal projects.


The Impact

Illumaesthetic has had a positive impact on the automotive industry. The company has made it possible for people to customize their cars without spending a fortune. They have also helped to raise awareness of the benefits of 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Are you looking for a way to customize your car without breaking the bank? Modix 3D printers are the perfect solution. 

Information box:

The Company:  Illumaesthetic

Application: Automotive, Old Car Parts Restoration 
Vertical: Automotive, Mass customization, Product development
Printer: Several Modix printers of various sizes