Add-ons February 2022

Modix New Add-ons Feb 2022

The new add-ons are now available for both new and existing customers alike.
Currently the first batch of these add-ons is in production. Availability is estimated for June 2022.

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Griffin Print Head

Modix is proud to announce its new print-head design, “Griffin”. The new print-head consists of a custom extruder made by Bondtech (based on the BMG model) and of a new hotend designed by Modix. The new design consists of the following improvements:

Higher flow rate & higher printing temperatures: The new and more powerful extruder provides a double drive-gear system that grabs the filament from both sides. The heat-block is made of nickel coated copper, for a faster heat transfer and compatibility with higher printing temperatures. The design includes the advanced Slice Engineering Bi-Metal heat-break that extends the melting zone inside the heat-block by being mostly made of copper as well. In addition, an upgraded PT-1000 temperature sensor will enable printing in higher temperatures of up to 500°c. An optional water based hot-end cooler will also enhance the capability of printing in hot environments (will be available at a later stage). The hotend components are rated for 500°c and so far were verified in printing of up to 340°c.

Higher reliability:
Large scale 3D printing usually involves the risk of the print-head scratching or crashing into the thick layer models resulting in bent or broken heat-breaks. The new print-head provides a rigid mounting of the heat-block, so it’s naturally more reliable and reduces these situations. The main reason for this is that the heat-block is now mounted on three faces instead of only one. It can withstand a much stronger impact thanks to this additional bracing. The longer-type E3D Super Volcano can also be attached to the rigid mounting as well, using a dedicated adapter.

Improved User Experience:
The new print-head design makes nozzle replacements much easier, and even allows a quick swapping of the entire filament melting subsystem. The rigid mounting of the heat-block allows one handed nozzle replacement, making it even easier to test different nozzle diameters.

Easy Swap: The design of the mounting bracket and the D shaft style of the Slice Engineering heat-break gives users the ability to slide the entire filament melting subsystem in and out with ease. This will allow users to dedicate a complete setup for a specific filament type. i.e. keeping one setup for abrasive carbon filled filament and another one for prototyping with PLA.

Compact Design: The new design maintains the previous design benefits of compact design that preserves the generous Z-axis travel and is compatible with the vast offering of E3D Volcano nozzles coming in numerous sizes and materials.

Smart: The new print-head allows automatic Z off-set calibration between the nozzle and the BL Touch probe. This is by far easier and more precise than the manual procedure. A dedicated sensor allows the BL-Touch and the nozzle to touch the surface, consequently. The precise relative distance (the “offset”) is saved automatically to the printer.

* The Griffin Print head is compatible with owners of V3 printers and customers who upgraded from V2 to V3 with both Duet and Mechanical upgrades.

* Mounting the E3D super volcano to the Griffin print head will require an additional mounting bracket that will soon be available.

Primary Griffin Extruder


– Griffin Hotend
– PT-1000 temperature sensor
– 50W heater
– Silicon Sock
– Bondtech custom BMG extruder
– Metal mounting brackets
– Blower fan , duct and brackets
– Z Offset calibration probe


Secondary Griffin Extruder


– Griffin Hotend
– PT-1000 temperature sensor
– 50W heater
– Silicon Sock
Mirrored custom BMG extruder
– Metal mounting brackets
– Blower fan , duct and brackets


Easy Swap

Automatic Z Off-set Calibration

Spare Hotend Only

Enjoy spare heater for easy swap. Keep one for ABS and another one for PLA etc.

  • Heater block (including the mounting spacers)
  • Heat-sink
  • Nozzle
  • 50W Heater cartridge
  • PT-1000 temperature sensor
  • Silicon Sock

Tilt Screen & Emergency Button

Tilt Screen

The tilt screen is a ‘convenience’ improvement, mainly in our tallest machines: Modix BIG-Meter and Modix-120Z but it is compatible with all our printers models.

Emergency Reset Button

Together with the tilt screen update, a new emergency reset (software reset) button is now located on the front of the machine. This control and safety feature will allow you to immediately stop prints whenever needed.

8KG Spools Mounting Shelf

A refreshed design of the spool mounting shelf will now enable mounting 8KG spools instead of only 5KG spools. No need for frequent filament handling.

New Shelf 8KG – Complete Set


Big-60 /120X /120Z, 180X

Upgrade Existing Shelfs

for all printer models