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Modix Large Scale 3D Printers

Print volume is no longer a limit!
Modix develops heavy duty, expandable, large format 3D printers:

  • Big60 V2- Print volume: 610x610x610mm from 3,700 USD.
  • 120X – Print Volume of 1200x610x610mm from 6,500 USD
    Based on Big60 V2, available also as an upgrade for Big60.

Main Features:

  • Premium components!
  • High flow E3D volcano hotend & Titan Extruder.
  • Robust motion system – Hiwin motion rails and Gates belts.
  • Self assembly kits & customizable platform.
  • Single or dual print head
  • Optional closed enclosure
  • Automatic bed leveling with 100 probing points.

Premium Components - Heavy Duty Design - Modular Platform

HIWIN Linear Rails

Precision is the name of the game with genuine Hiwin motion rails. Made in Taiwan.

E3D Geared Extruder

E3D V6 Volcano & Titan extruder are the standard for high quality. Made in the UK.

IGUS Shielded Wiring

Professional signal cables provide maximum reliability. Made in Germany.

Geared Z Axis

Precision lead screws powered by a belt gear allow for layer heights as small as 0.5 Microns. This provides extremely high print resolutions!

Precision Milled Bed

Print bed is an Alcoa Mic6 milled cast aluminum tooling plate. Made in the USA.

Large Nozzle Selection

E3D Volcano high flow hotend offers a large selection of nozzle sizes ranging from 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 & 1.2 mm

Any Filament Vendor

Use filaments from any vendor at any size. Filament runout sensor will alert when empty.

Any Slicing Software

Use any slicing software you desire, including, Slic3r, Cura and Simplify3d.

Optional Cosed Enclosure

A closed chamber allows for maximum heat retention around the printed part. This is critical for ABS printing.

Modular T Profiles System

4040 modular profile system provides rigidity, easy assembly & easy customization.

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Experts Reviews

Big60 V-2

Engineer. Mark Swinford
Rotairtech, Inc. USA


Mr. Lazar Jovic, 3D Maker Zone
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Björn Magnussen,

Mr. Ivan Samila,
One Step Beyond

Big60 Review by Mr. Brandon hart,

Johann van der Merwe
3D printing expert
South Africa

Dr. Mikkel Wagner, 
Sim Automation

François Lorival
Mechanical Engineer, SBC Industries
France (Turn on translation)

Mr. Mougammandou Rafi
Painting and post processing expert

Mr. Patrick Laroche

Learn How it Works

Modix 120X large 3d printer demonstration  at the TCT show, UK.

Big60 Version 1 assembly process highlights. It is very much the same with Version 2.

Big60 Version 2 high speed printing of a large 3D model.

Large Scale 3D Printing Use Cases

1.6 meter long canon restoration
Made in Ireland

Enclosure parts for robots
Made in Germany

Motorcycle motor cover
Made in Czech Republic

Bronze cast mold
Made in Turkey

Good-Year Farm Tire prototype
Made in USA

Large concrete cutting blade cover
Made in Israel

Large PCB Manufacturing Jig
Made in France

Tall Prosthetic Leg Cover
Made in Portugal

Among Our Customers:

Global Brands


Firefighting Trucks manufacturer, Turkey

Tier-1 Automotive  supplier, USA

High speed super cars manufacturer, Sweden

Armored vehicle manufacturer, Canada

Major automotive aluminum supplier, USA

Heavy duty trucks manufacturer, USA


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The product overview includes in-depth technical review, updated specs and answers to frequently asked questions. Including how to print in high temperature, remote Control, software Comparability and more.