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Modix Large 3D printer is your best next 3D printer !

  • Premium components
  • Heavy duty
  • Multiple add-ons
  • High resolution

Delivered as self assembly kits:

  • Control your configuration
  • Independent maintenance
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Within your budget
  • Compact packing

Modix MAMA-1700 Pellet 3D Printer

June 2024: Modix MAMA-1700, an advanced pellet 3D printer designed for large-scale applications. With a substantial 1.7 x 1.0 x 1.0 meter build volume and state-of-the-art FGF technology, the MAMA-1700 delivers high print speeds of up to 3 KG per hour, exceptional cost-efficiency, and versatile material compatibility.
Explore how the MAMA-1700 can revolutionize your printing projects!

Modix Everest - 2 Meter Tall 3D Printer

March 2024: Modix Everest, a new 3d printer capable of printing tall objects of up to 2 meters tall. With dimensions of  970 X 1,030 X 2,000 mm (XYZ) , Modix Everest is not just big; it’s monumental. Print tall objects in one go and save post processing time, print fast with the  new Griffin Ultra print-head that can print more than 500 gr per hour (160mm^3/sec) and enjoy a high return on your investment!

Expending capabilities, With new Technologies

Griffin Ultra Print Head

April 2024: The new Griffin Ultra print head presents an exceptional extrusion capacity of 500 gr/hour (Max flow 160mm^3/sec), and utilizes a 1.6 mm nozzle for fast printing of thick layers. Now you can complete prints in hours instead of days.
Compared with standard 0.6 mm based hotend:

  • 3 times less layers 
  • 2.6 faster solid layers (covered faster with 1.6 nozzle)
  • 2.6 faster walls for a given thickness

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Large spools dryer

April 2024: The active filament dryer is a critical step towards printing with high end filaments. It will allow customers to better print hygroscopic filaments such as water soluble support filaments, Nylon, PETG, PC and others with high level of success.  The device is fully automatic and there is no water tank to empty or desiccant bags replace, just place the spool and close the door.


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Generation 4.0, Smarter & Versatile

Experience the robust capabilities of Modix’s Generation 4 3D printing platform, now a staple in our product lineup, featuring IDEX dual head technology. As part of Modix’s ongoing commitment to industry excellence, Generation 4 delivers unparalleled features at an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

With Generation 4, you can take advantage of cutting-edge functionalities including the ability to print models with complex internal geometries, increased printing speeds, reduced post-processing time, and enhanced reliability.

Learn more about Modix’s Generation 4 – click here

IDEX enables printing of models with internal geometries
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Automatic Filament Changer saves times and increase throughput
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Griffin print head: high printing quality, impact resist & easy-swap 
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Reliability sensors suite designed to save print-jobs on time
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Don’t limit future ideas, get a larger printer today!

Premium Components


Extruder Sweden

Motion Belts USA

Stepper Drivers Germany

Power Supply

Bed Leveling South Korea

Print Bed USA

Motion Rails Taiwan

Lead Screws Taiwan

Signal Wires Germany

Professional Features

For more information about our Large 3D printer’s technology please click here.

Linear Rails

Hiwin guide rails
for high precision


Dual Independent Extruders

Touch Screen

7in touchscreen & web interface for remote monitoring

Duet Controller

Advanced 32bit electronics with web control interface

Active Air Filter

Protect your health with Carbon and HEPA filters set.

Shielded Wires

IGUS signal cables for higher reliability.

Griffin Print-Head

High power extruder with high flow hotend

Tilt Screen & Reset Button

Tilt screen & emergency reset button. (Optional in some models).

Full Auto Calibration

Automatic Gantry alignment and bed tilt calibration.


Magnetic Bed

Easily remove printed objects once completed.

Clog Detector

Detect clogs, under extrusion and filament run-outs.

Crash Detector

Detect hardware failures and prevent crashes.

High Quality

One of the most significant advantages of Modix’s large scale 3D printers are its meticulously selected premium components, each contributes for the high quality printing. These components include: Bondtech extruder (made in Sweden) E3D nozzles (made in the UK), DUET3D Controller (made in the UK), Trinamic motor drivers (made in Germany), IGUS shielded signal and power wires (made in Germany), Alcoa Mic-6 cast Aluminum plate (Made in USA), Meanwell Power Supply (Made in Taiwan) and more. Almost each and every component in our large format 3D printers affects the print quality and reliability, therefore we select the highest standard of components, even for the smallest parts, i.e. aviation grade power adapters, robust casters, fiberglass reinforced belts, etc.

Heavy duty

A key design factor in our large scale printers is the heavy duty design. Since our large format 3D printers are delivered as self-assembly kits, we put great attention on making sure that the end-customer will achieve the highest level of accuracy and stable calibration. This includes a very detailed online assembly guide with both 3D models you can rotate and zoom, multiple detailed video guides for each step, and more. In addition, we supply our customers with calibration methods & tools that help complete this process successfully and smoothly as possible.

IDEX Dual Extrusion

IDEX dual print head technology enables printing models with internal geometries using a soluble support filament. Once completed, you can dissolve the support material and enjoy high quality results and avoid the tedious manual support removal. Using breakaway support, you can enjoy a fast support removal immediately after the print has completed. In addition you can enjoy smooth surface finish for the bottom surfaces. With secondary support filament, you can keep zero distance between the dense support layers and the model itself, the surface finish is therefore much smoother than when printing support of the same material.

Customizable Platform

Modularity is our flagship concept. In fact, Modix brand is named “modular technology”. At Modix, we constantly make available new optional add-ons which can be added on to the printer seamlessly, including: air filters, multiple print head configurations and more. Our customer’s online service portal lists several optional customization guides.

Wide Selection

Our Griffin print head offers a large selection of nozzles and heat block configurations. Modix offers three sizes of heat-blocks: The default Griffin hot-end, the short V6 hotend for detailed fine printing, and Griffin High-Flow for rough and fast bulky projects. Each of the heat-blocks have several nozzle options, a few are offered as part of our kit. Others may be sourced directly from E3D’s online store such as high end nozzles made of hardened steel capable of printing abrasive filaments (e.g. filament which contains carbon fiber)

Open Architecture

Our customers are not locked in! Modix believes in the freedom of choice, especially for passionate innovators. Users can select filament from any source and make a use of various modeling and slicing software solutions, to their own preference. We do recommend Simplify3D slicing software, yet acknowledge users might have other software preferences such as Cura and Slic3r. These work nicely as well and are compatible with our large 3D printers. Our customers are supplied with print profiles for each of these slicing software packages.

Self Assembly

Self-assembly is a preferred method of buying a 3D printer for many professionals, for several reasons. Hands-on approach – you build your own machine, so you have a better understanding of the motion system, the print head and calibration. You gain an invaluable in-depth understanding on how to maintain the printer and how to upgrade it in the future. Just like your PC’s operating system, Modix’s large format 3D printers are intentionally designed to be customized and tailored for specific needs.

Future Ready

We are evolving and innovating all the time, so when you purchase a Modix 3D printer, you actually invest in a platform that can be upgraded from time to time. Owners of earlier versions are now being offered with the benefits of our newest version (Generation 4.0). This alone improves the printer’s long-term sustainable use and increases your return on your investment.

Large 3D Printer's Advantages

Experienced 3d printing users who already have one or more small desktop 3d printer and are now seeking to develop their printing capabilities, should consider the following unique advantages of large format 3D printers:
1. Printing large, one piece 3D models makes them stronger.
2. Printing models as one part also saves time on post processing. There is no need to match smaller parts to each other or try to hide the seam.
3. Another unique advantage of larger print beds is the fact you can print multiple smaller items in one batch production. Batch production can be configured to complete one object before starting another one (‘sequence printing’) for higher reliability.

Premium Support Since 2015

Modix is proud of its prompt and professional support services!
We believe that any product is as good as its service and since our early days back in 2015, we have worked hard to maintain this concept.  If received, requests for assistance are cleared daily. When needed, video conference sessions are scheduled to better understand the ground situation. This saves time in both understanding the problem and finding a solution, fast.


Mr. Brian Grimm
Engineering Garage, USA
BIG-60 V3

Mr. James Lawick
BIG-60 V3

MR. Jeff Raymond
The Real Martian, USA

Frank’s 3d Printing
Lab, USA
BIG-60 V3 (open mode)

Use Cases

1.6 meter canon restoration
Made in Ireland

Enclosure parts for robots
Made in Germany

Motorcycle motor cover
Made in Czech Republic

Bronze cast mold
Made in Turkey

Goodyear Farm Tire
Made in the USA

Cutting blade cover
Made in Israel

PCB Manufacturing Jig
Made in France

Tall Prosthetic Leg Cover
Made in Portugal

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