Modix Big 60 Review by Mr. Björn Magnussen, TTICI CEO

Introducing new technologies and production approaches is sometimes better done by external expert consulting agency. While in-house engineers may be focused on their daily challenges, consulting agency with broader experience and external point of view, might have a better perspective on how to integrate new technologies into the company daily R&D and production routines.

TTICI is an engineering consulting agency from Kassel Germany specialized in the automation industry. TTICI is offering solutions from a very broad range of technologies from mechanics to electronics / software to mathematical processes and non-technological innovations. TTICI is also offering customized 3D printing solutions.

We have interviewed Mr. Björn Magnussen for his experience with Modix big60 3D Printer.  

“One of the major benefits for us is the modular design of Modix Big60 3D printer. This allows us to tailor specific solutions to our customers’ needs. For example, we have designed special enclosure and filament guidance solutions and added special filament handling system that keep the filament clean and dry during the entire production process. This and other benefits such as having standard market print head, open source firmware and unlimited filament compatibility is very beneficial for us when we approach new challenging requests from our clients.”

For more information about TTICI, please contact Mr. Björn Magnussen through the professional Linkedin profile.

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