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Product Description:

  • Print volume of 1,800 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Printer dimensions: 2,170 x 1,060 x 1,430 mm
  • Shipping weight: 160kg
  • Delivery method: Self assembly kit
  • Print head: dual E3D Aero & E3D Volcano 1.75mm
  • Duet3D Wifi 32 bit controller
  • 4 X Z axis motors are controlled individually providing automatic bed tilt calibration.
  • 100 probing point for automatic bed leveling
  • Minimal Electricity requirements –  single phase, 208-240V:
    • North America customers: NEMA L6-30P 30A outlet
    • EU/AU/UK customers: IEC 309 32A Blue (2P+E) outlet
  • Price includes 12 months of warranty and lifetime support. Warranty does not include degradable (PEI sheet and nozzles) and consumables. For a longer warranty period, please contact the sales team at
  • Shipping cost is a regional flat fee that should be selected at the bottom of this product page after you select the required components.
  • Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee. Please contact sales for more information:

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Modix BIG-180X

Including: Dual print head, Z axis rails, enclosure and casters.

Free shipping in USA & EU (not including islands)

Super Volcano

Add the E3D Super Volcano HotEnd add-on for super fast printing. 


Extra PEI sheet

Single spare PEI sheet at size of 660x660mm  covering a THIRD  of the BIG-180X bed plate. Please order 3 pcs in order to cover the entire bed plate.

Active Air Filter

Three phase filter device: Pre-filter (dust), HEPA (sub-micron particles) and active carbon filter (fumes).

Filter spares

5 x Pre-filter ,
1 x HEPA/carbon combo

Extended Warranty

Extension of manufacturer’s warranty terms by a
continuous period of 12 months starting from the expiry of standard warranty.
* Extended Warranty can only be purchased within the standard warranty period of the product.
* Warranty can be extended to up to 3 years.

Shipping Terms:

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* Shipping terms: Incoterms 2020 DAP
* Ordering add-ons only (without a printer), will require additional shipping fee.
* Shipping to islands will require additional fee.
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Modix 180X 3D printer visual tour

Notice the dual spool mounting

Mounted on industrial casters with dual functional: open – rubber fits for stability, closed mode – wheels allows it to roll easily on the floor.

Frontal view. Notice the tipple bed heaters, each one has its own PID controller.

Wide professional touch screen for all your calibration and hands-on routines.

With top lid open for easy access to print volume

Notice the large front doors for model removal.

BIG-Meter Sequence printing

BIG-Meter assembly in 3 days

Modix BIG-180X printing long object

Large object printing with Modix BIG-120X

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