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I would like to order:
 Modix Big-60 - price 3,500 USD
 Secondary print head - 350 USD
 Acrylic Enclosure - Price 350 USD

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How it works

Thank you for considering buying Modix 3D Printer!
Please read the information below.

Self assembly Kit
Modix Big is provided as a self assembly kit. This allows us to suggest an affordable product price and reduce shipment costs significantly. 
Self assembly and calibration of such a large machine requires some technical skills and experience with 3D printers in general. The hot-end and electronics are provided assembled so no soldering is needed. We will provide detailed video and written assembly instructions.

First 3D Printer ?
3D printing requires some learning and hands on experience before it can generate satisfying results. If this is your first 3D printer please let us know and we will find a local expert that can help you through the process.

Lead time
Due to the high costs of manufacturing we currently do not have an inventory for immediate supply.
Modix big is ordered in batches initiated twice a month.
Please contact us for more information about the next batch ordering. Shipment is currently estimated as 6 weeks from component ordering time and we do our best to reduce the production time.

Product in Progress
Please take into considerations that Modix Big is a new product. Tech specs are still evolving as we find ways to improve print quality and ease of assembly. For orders initiated during June 2017 we are offering a special Skype video support and remote post-assembly inspection. Furthermore, upgrades and improvements will be offered at a discount.