3D Printing Gallery

Prototype for a large concrete saw plastic cover. Made of two 40cm wide parts with complex internal geometry.

Large scale floor plan. Printer with Esun PLA+ filament.

This wonderful shaman model is a true piece of art. Thingiverse.com thing:2161833

This spiral vase model made by Ysoft is one of the most popular 3D models in Thingiverse.com. Check thing:481259.

This is a yellow PLA print of the famous low poly mask thing:32189 on Thingiverse.com. Printed with 0.3 layer height.

Single perimeter vase , on the right with layer height of 0.1mm. Thingiverse.com thing:104694

Enjoy high the high resolution when printing small. Printed with 0.25mm nozzle 0.1mm layer  thingiverse.com  Thing:478806

Demonstrating 3D printing with Nina Flex, the most flexible filament.

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